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Thanks to our extensive expertise and comprehensive knowledge of the market demands, we were able to design the combined electromagnetic speedlog and echosounder navigation system, which is based on the single sensor (two transducers in one housing).

EMES60 navigation speedlog and echosounder. Single sensor, both single axis and dual axis speedlog options are avialable

Both parts have been designed to meet the relevant international standards and contain all modern and legacy IO interfaces, specified by the IMO standards. Internally they are totally separated as it is required by the regulations.

The advantages of such system are rather obvious: only one hull penetration, only one mounting hardware - which makes EMES60 the most reliable and easy to handle system on the market.

The minimized size of the sensor allowed us to reduce dramatically the overall weight, which reduces the freight costs and greatly facilitates installation and handling.

We have started deliveries to the Norwegian shipyards.

Further information can be found on our 

download page.

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